Monday, January 24, 2011

My first Tri-fold card

This is my first trifold card.  I was not so concerned with the looks of this one as I was the process.  I really enjoyed making it and I have an idea for my next 'offical' trifold card that I am looking forward to creating tonight.

1.  Cut one sheet of heavy card stock to 6"x12". (or adjust to your liking)
2.  Score sheet at the 2", 4", 8", and 10" marks.
3.  Fan fold the card stock, starting with the first fold going towards the back.
    And unfold paper.
4.  Measure 2" from one long side and cut from the 2" mark to the 10" mark.
5.  Repeat step 4 with the other long side.
6.  Once cut, hold the center section in your hand and fold the creases in the opposite direction, this creates the folding.
7.  Decorate with coordinating papers.
 **The measurements, once folded, will be 6" x 4".

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  1. You inspire Danyelle so much. She is always taking about your projects. Thanks for being there for her. Love & miss u! Sherry