Tips and Tricks

Cleaning a Cricut Cutting Matt

 I have two mats.  One is designated for cutting my chipboard and the other is designated to cutting my papers.  I needed to clean my chipboard cutting mat, so I did the usual cleaning with warm water and a light scrub.  Well, I really wanted to use the mat NOW and not wait on it to dry.  So, I decided to use my hair dryer to speed up the drying process.  I was a bit concerned what the heat would do to the mat, but I figured it was at least worth the try.  I have additional mats, but trying to conserve them the best that I can.   I am sure that those of you who are pros at using the cricut, cleaning mats, etc. already know this, but the blow dryer really did make the mat a lot more sticky than just air drying.  So, from now on, I will be using the blow dryer not only to speed up the drying process but to also make the mat more sticky. 

Chipboard Cutting

After several mishaps, miscuts, and tantrums, I have finally figured out a method to cut chipboard that works for me.  If you have any other tips/suggestions, please feel free to leave your suggestions.

1.  Pressure on Max
2.  Blade on 6 (deep cut) for chipboard over .22 thickness
3.  Blade on 6 (regular blade) for .22 chipboard
4.  Speed, Medium
5.  Multicut (twice for .22, and three cuts for anything over .22)
6.  Make sure to tape the edges of the chipboard down with masking tape.  Chipboard tends to make the mat less sticky and will not hold the board to the mat.  So, taping the edges ends the frustration of the board slipping.  I usually just tape the top and the bottom of the board (about 1/4") from edge of board...

Hope these tips help...Let me know if you have any other suggestions/tips/techniques that you use for chipboard.