Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bamboo Toothpick Flower Embellishment

I had a lot of fun making this abstract/floral embellishment.  I used Bamboo toothpicks, that I cut in half.  I distressed the toothpicks with Tim Holtz distressed ink, and then sprayed the picks with some homemade glimmer mist.  After assembling/gluing, I added the beads and then wrapped wire around the picks.  I then took some larger guage wire and made the center of the flower...I think it looks pretty cute...It's different, that is for sure...


  1. This is great! Homemade glimmer mist? I'd love to know how you make it!

  2. Julie, the glimmer mist is very easy to make...There are different ways to make it, but I found this to be the least expensive and looks nice.

    You will need:
    small spray bottles
    acrylic metallic paint (Walmart)

    Fill the spray bottle about 3/4 full of water. Squirt a small amount of acrylic paint into the bottle and shake well. Test to see if it is the lightness or darkness you are looking for, and add more if you want it darker.