Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paper clip and button flower

Last night, I was looking through all of the groups post, and someone posted a tutorial on how to make button flowers.  I thought it was adoreable and something that I wanted to try.  I do not have many buttons, so I went to Walmart to see what they had (not much).  Well, when walking through the office supply, I came across these colored paper clips.  I thought the clips would be great for petals. 

I traced my larger button, onto a sheet of chipboard and cut it out.  Then, I cut out a piece of black cardstock, to cover the chipboard and inked the edges.  I could have just used a marker or paint to color the chipboard, and will probably do that next time--but this was trial and error so I just went with what I was doing.

I then hotglued the clips around the circle, and reinforced the center with more hot glue.  I added the larger black button (hot glued in place), then tied a little piece of ribbon that matched the clips onto the white button and hot glued it into place. 

I think it is a really sweet button, and will look nice in the center of a bow. 

Thanks for taking a looksie.


  1. Thank you Julie! I watched a video tutorial, that was posted in one of the groups last night. I am not sure who the lady was that had the tutorial, but she was showing how she made flowers out of buttons. So, I borrrowed the idea from her. I have got to get better about remembering who and where I see ideas. I definitely want to give credit to those who deserve it, just get busy and forget to write down or save vids to my favorites...