Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I used crayola markers to complete this bird using pointilism.  It was time consuming, but I really enjoyed the process.  It seems like the more detailed something is, the more I enjoy.  I guess I am a little on the strange side.


  1. Beautiful bird picture! I had to click on it to get a better look at how you did it. I hope you're only kidding about being strange because you like detail - there is a lot to be said for detail, including how much visual interest it can add to a work, and how it can engage the mind on additional levels.

    I really came here to "meet" you and wave, since you are the first official follower I have ever had on my blog. You seem to be very much in command of your Cricut! To be able to work in two such different mediums as scrapping and pointilism says a great deal about your talent and skill - glad for the chance to get to meet you!

  2. Nice. I love this method. My favorite is Sunday Afternoon on the Isle La Grande Jette. It's amazing...little dots...