Thursday, February 10, 2011

One woman's crafty scraps is another woman's treasure: Creative Crafty Scraps Challenge

I will be hosting a creative crafty scraps card contest.  If you are interested, leave your name and your blog information on this blog.  You must be signed up, on this blog, no later than, Sunday February 13 at 8pm.

1.  Once everyone is signed up (by Sunday, February 13), I will pair you with another person.
2.  It will be your responsibility to contact your partner and give your mailing information.
3.  Each person must send 5 pieces of scrap crafty materials. It may be a piece of a ribbon, a button, a stamped image that you didn't use, etc.  One of the 5 pieces must be a piece of cardstock that can be used as the base of the card.
4.  You must take a before picture of the scraps you received. 
5.  Create your card using ALL 5 pieces.  You may add ONE of your own items to the card, if needed.
6.  Take a picture of your completed item and email me at  I will post all received images to my blog.  Please include your name and blog address so I can post it along with your picture.
7.  I will select the two best crafty scraps card and you will be awarded some blog candy.  Not sure what that will be, but it won't be MORE scraps...ha ha...

NOTE:  If you do not think you will do this challenge, then please do not sign up.  I know that life happen's but someone else will be depending on you to send them scraps. 


  1. Oh how fun! I am so in for this challenge!





  5. I would love to---Thanks!!

  6. Crafty Scrap Challenge, Challengers:
    Please contact your challenger to exchange mailing addresses. Remember to send 5 pieces of scrap materials and that one piece of scrap must be a piece of card stock that can be used as the base of the card. Good Luck Gals. When you have completed your card, email me a photograph to Be sure to include your name and blog information with your photograph so I know who to give credit. You have until March 5th to email me your photograph. Thank you for participating.
    Christine @ vs. JeNn @
    Liset @ vs. Scrapping Sista @
    Micia @ vs. Anita @

  7. To my challenger I have no way to contact you so here is my email address...
    hope to hear from you soon :)