Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day is the bitter-sweet holiday for me.  I was blessed with a wonderful mother who was talented and creative beyond belief.  I was fortunate that she took the time to pass on some of her creative abilities to me and I am blessed that I am able to share those talents with others. 

When I was fourteen, my mother passed away from cancer.  It left a huge hole in my heart and a void that I will never be able to fill.  But, I carry with her gift of art and her love will always be in my heart.

Later, in life, my father remarried a jewel.  I was further blessed to have someone in my life that I am proud to call mom and my friend.  We laugh, at times, saying that we forget that we are not blood.  But, we share a special bond that I wish more step-parents and children could share.  She has never taken the place of my mother, nor does she want too, but she has always been there for me as a mother figure and even after the passing of my father, she still continues to bless my life.

So, even though it is early...Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

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