Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eggs running out my ears

A couple more eggs...I have 15 more eggs to go...The first egg, pictured, has a couple of boo boos, but I still think it turned out ok.  The second egg, I love the colors.  I wish that I could get my lines drawn a little straighter.  My hands are fairly steady, but sometimes my hands and brain don't think on the same wave length.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look...

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  1. Deanna I love your work girl . you are so artistic and funny and remind me of myself.The ocd thinng then not caring becasue you frankly are just annoyed about caring too much about it but then you go straighten it it becasue then you will annoy yourself just by looking atthe rug with it not being straight.I think I too am like you in the sense that I look mean or mad and am told Im intimidating from the get go. That I do not get at all. I guess I look mean. Maybe it is my big bushy eyebrows or that I do not fake a smile to those who are not of interest to me just to be in the crowd. I wont go out of my way to be nasty but I also wont go out of my way to shovel it either. I love people and watching them smile .I like to laugh and smile too. My favorite sound in the world is that big belly laugh from a little baby that comes from deep down inside. I love kids especially the tiny ones they are just so cute and yummy I could just eat them up like candy. I love to watch Nicloas Sparks movies and read his books I love crafting of all kinds but think I am finding my niche and that is the event planning for children and paople of all ages. I love books Message ina bottle is my favorite but then again anything Nick is awesome. I too am meticulous about what I do and maybe you can tell from my stellar typing girl. I know you want to use my purlpe crayon. I will share Iam not greedy even though I look mean. I guess here in the south from what I understand and I did not think our generation is or was old fashioned but Iam outspoken even when not speaking my eyes and face can tell a whole story . Seriously i could make you smile get mad or cry just by looking at me. I still do not know why that is the case and everyone of my friends who are now my besties have always told me once they have really gotten to kow me is that when the yfirst met me the ywere intimidating .I had no idea I had that affect on people What are you talking about that you do not have time. Look at all these glorious eggs that you have made. I again would so love to learn how to do one. Is it expensive to make them >>. I know th eggs are not but the supplies are they expensive I so hyper focus when ido stuff that i why I like doing the party stuff its the details that make it all come together . The little details that make it special ya know .We sound like to similar animal s girl .Love chatting with you backand forth on fb and good luck on getting to your 100 follow goal. I started in mid february and I need 13 more. so you wil gethere some get there faster becasue they constantly give stuff away and while Iam not saying anything bad about that , its a good idea at first and intermitantly to get peopl to your page but I like that i can get to know my foollowers as they come in and start following and If I do not get my projects up and start changing my page up then Iam not going to have any. You will make it .everyone loves your stuff and you havea great niche with the eggs. Im going to have to get a video from you on that girl or a tutorial on that . You should do thm people wuld love them or do you already do. I have not gon throughy your entire pag yet. Best,Stacey