Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sticky Note Wallets and Etsy

I started making these sticky note wallets a couple of months ago.  Life has been busy, going on vacation, and just the usual everyday stuff.  So, I haven't taken much time to craft.  However, today, I made a few wallets.  I have these on sale in my Etsy store.

I have had my Etsy store for about four months so far, I have had three sales.  As thankful as I am of the three sales, I am a little disappointed.  I know I could not expect miracles, but it would be nice to have a steady sale, even if it is just one sale a month.  I have put various items in my shop over the last few months, but today, I decided that I would just focus on one thing and that will be the Post it note wallets. 

Here are the wallets that I have created today.  I think these would make great little teacher gifts, a token of appreciation to a dear friend, or even as a filler for a gift basket.  They are so convenient.

If you read this post, and have an Etsy, please visit my shop and let me know what I can do to make it better...I am up for all of the advice and help that I can receive...

Thank you for viewing my blog...Deanna


  1. Hey, I tried leaving you a comment on your website, but for whatever reason, blogger is not being cooperative and will not let me leave a comment. Thank you for visiting my page, love the jewelry you have created!...Thanks