Friday, January 28, 2011

Chipboard Photo Album

Hello all...After a rough day yesterday, I decided that I needed to make something today to get my mind on something else.  So, I created this chipboard photo album.  I cannot remember which blogger showed the technique for using a matte medium for the albums, but I borrowed technique in this project.

I cut my chipboard design using the MTC software.  My DH purchased me some 12"x12" chipboard (720 sheets  worth), so I am using that for my projects. 

I do not have a lot of supplies, so I have to make-due with what I have on hand.  For the chipboard, I sponge painted the edges with acrylic paint.  I had some stamping ink that I purchased from Office Depot for school, so used that to soften up the edges (applied with a make-up sponge). 

The decorative papers I used were from the Walmart stash.  I found some tiny paperclips that look like clothes pins at Walmart.  I thought it was adorable so I purchased a box.

If anyone has any tips/suggestions, etc. please feel free to leave your comments.


  1. that is really cool! I still can't wrap my brain around the MTC, will have to do the trail download for sure! Amazed that the cricut can do chip board...
    did you have to slow the blade down, and make it deep?

  2. Yes, I put the blade on 6, max pressure, and medium speed. It took a lot of trial and error in the begining but I finally got it figured out. The best thing to do is to use masking tape to tape the edges of the chipboard to the mat. Oh, and use multicut. I wasted a lot of chipboard, when I was first learning how to do it, but now I can usually cut without making too many blubs...

    As far as the MTC, it will take me some time to learn it...Tonight I just used the premade templates that was in the folder. I need to do a lot of playing around with the software and watching youtube videos...

  3. Your mini is adorable!! love it!
    And I just had to say your "about me" section is OMG exact description of myself (besides the art teacher part and the 4 kids part, I have 2)

  4. Love your album! I have been thinking about getting MTC, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Interested to see how you like it once you've had more time to play and also cut images not in the file.

  5. Beautiful blog, and lovely chipboard album. You can certainly tell that you are artistic. I have become a follower, and I hope you will consider doing the same on my blog. I am at
    I would certainly welcome your comments and suggestions as well. Oh, and people have always said to me, "Smile, what's wrong with you!" So I get where you are coming from. I guess some of us just don't look "nice" even though we are! :)

  6. Oh gosh, just noticed one thing on your left sidebar. I don't know if you can adjust it a little so your name "Deanna's" is all on one line. And then the word "Creations" too. Maybe you could put it above or below the photo. You asked for feedback, and I take that seriously. And I truly ask the same of you. Thanks!

  7. You did a great job on this album! I also love the photo at the top of your blog of you and your hubby. Such a cute couple.

  8. Thank you CeCe, I appreicate you noticing the name. I had switched layouts, and I think when I did that it caused my name to be chopped off.

    Connie, I think we're a pretty cute couple myself...ha ha...Thank you for the compliments.