Friday, January 28, 2011


I do not know how many people use the cricut to cut their chipboard, but I thought I would share some tips that I use whenever I am cutting cb for my albums.

1.  Pressure on Max
2.  Blade on 6 (deep cut) for chipboard over .22 thickness
3.  Blade on 6 (regular blade) for .22 chipboard
4.  Speed, Medium
5.  Multicut (twice for .22, and three cuts for anything over .22)
6.  Make sure to tape the edges of the chipboard down with masking tape.  Chipboard tends to make the mat less sticky and will not hold the board to the mat.  So, taping the edges ends the frustration of the board slipping.  I usually just tape the top and the bottom of the board (about 1/4") from edge of board...

Hope these tips help...Let me know if you have any other suggestions/tips/techniques that you use for chipboard.


  1. Ooohhh. Thanks for this!
    Cathy Kilgore Trimble

  2. You are welcome. I know it is very frustrating to work with. If you have any questions or suggestions of tricks you learn, please share...