Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dandylicious Blogiversary Blog Hop


I would like to say a special Happy Birthday to Dandy's one year blog anniversary!  I met Dandy, through facebook, she got me started on my first blog.  She was so helpful it giving me tips/tricks on how to set up my blog.  Dandy is super creative!

Now on to the part-AAAA....

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But, if you didn't that is ok!  After you leave here, start with Dandy and work your way through the hop!  Lots of talented ladies!  Don't miss out on the crafty goodness!

A little crafty goodness:  I will choose ONE person to receive an ornament.

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I have been working on several Fabric Christmas Ornaments so would like to share this with you!

Pine Cone Fabric Ornament


1- 3" styrofoam ball
Fabric, cut into 2" squares (you can choose multiple colors or a single color)
Straight pins

Begin by folding a 2" piece of fabric in half, and then fold in half again.  This will form a square.  Angle the square so the point is facing towards the top and place one pin on the left corner.  Fold a 2nd piece of fabric.  Place at an angle, as you did te first, and overlap the first corner slightly and pin the left corner.  Repeate until you meet back up with the first piece of fabric.  Now start the second row.  This time, place the folded piece of fabric at the 'v' of the first row (between two pinned and folded pieces).  Repeat the process of folding and pinning until you reach your 2nd row starting point.  Contiue with this method until the entire ball is filled.  Decorate the ball with jewels, ribbon, or whatever creative ideas you may have.  You sould end up with something like this:

Thank you for hopping along with us! 


  1. Sorry gals, I had this post for the hop, ready to go and set to be posted at 12:00am, however, I guess blogger decided to go crazy and didn't post it. It's up and running now, hope you enjoy...Deanna

  2. Love these ornaments!!! Just Gorgeous!!!
    happy to have been in the hop with you!
    Eva :0)

  3. Oh here you are Deanna! Glad you got your post to work out. Another beautiful pine cone. I like the "diamonds" on the top.
    Nice to host hop with you.

  4. Beautiful ornaments. Love them! Nice being in the hop with you.
    glamoroussideofscrapping at gmail dot com

  5. wow that is really cool! I have been watching all your decoration posts, how long does it take to make one??? thanks for joining me today!

  6. I am already a follower. I love your ornament! It is so pretty! I can imagine it in other colors. This is a great way to decorate the tree in your favorite colors.Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  7. Beautiful!!!! i love it..i am a follower. Happy Thanksgiving
    :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

  8. My Great-Aunt taught us how to make these as children. They bring back so many memories. Thank you for sharing.

  9. pretty ornament, thanks for sharing the directions for making them!!

  10. OMG how GORGEOUS is this? I love checking your site because you have such unique projects! I could imagine this hanging in a christmas tree! Lovely!

    Thanks for sharing

    becky.mayhewlear AT gmail DOT com!

  11. Beautiful, stunning them and the color of ribbon is fabulous..tfs

  12. Wow...that is creative! but neat! :) TFS

  13. Oh my gosh! Thses are gorgeous! I love this idea! TFS CallyAnn(new follower)
    I follow Dandy!!

  14. OMGoodness! These are awesome! TFS
    Miranda :)